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It’s Time To Cut The Crap 💩

With the ability to Google any question on earth, pet lovers around the world are waking up… and what they are realizing is there’s a bunch of Crap in our fur babies’ food products.  

There’s a Lot To It…

Before Bingo Pet Company first laid its roots, still wet behind the ears, we set out to find out what exactly passionate pet lovers really want in pet products, and ways we could positively impact their pet’s lives.

…Simple enough, right?

What we found was that companies use heaps of corn, sugar, soy, artificial ingredients, food dyes and a slew of other stuff we definitely wouldn’t eat as humans…

…And to top it off- most of them bake or boil the foods and soft chews at super high temperatures, cooking away all of the important nutrients.

“Only The Best, For Your PFF”

We knew right away that we could leave no stone unturned in delivering to our customers what their pets really deserve. That’s why we only make products with premium ingredients that we would eat ourselves.

But we don’t stop there…

They contain:

NO Grain

NO Gluten

NO Dairy

NO Soy

NO Sugar

NO Wheat

NO Artificial Flavoring

And NO Artificial Preservatives…

From One Pet Lover To Another

We treat our pets like family, and we know you do too. That’s why it’s our duty to provide you with products we’re proud of and that we feed our own pups… We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Only The Best, For Your PFF.  

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