A chew a day, keeps the vet away™

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Nutrition isn't in their nature. Luckily, It's in ours

Human-Grade Ingredients

If you want to take a bite, go right ahead.

Third-Party Tested

Your pup isn’t the only one who approves.

Made in the USA

Quality you can’t get anywhere else.

Zero Fillers.

Only the best, for your PFF.

Pet nutrition that’s easy for you both

A little less worrying from you and a little more tail wagging from your pup.

Fewer vet visits.

More time & money for you, less barking for them.

High quality.

Your PFF deserves industry-leading ingredients.

Passes the taste test.

Good taste for them, no bad smell for you.

No label tricks.

No tricks to sniff out with us. What you see is what your pet gets.


Those matching sweaters probably won’t make your pup feel much better,
but our soft chew supplements will! They’re easy to get and even easier to eat,
a pet parent’s perfect choice.  

Product features

100% Full-Spectrum CBD

Full Transparency

Cold Extruded

Clinical Dosages

What Bingo pups are going crazy about

If your pet doesn’t eat our chews, send them back our intern will.

This is Rocky, since taking Bingo soft chews, he doesn’t bark as much, he listens better, he’s more receptive to strangers at the door, and he’s more relaxed.

Rocky’s Mom

I’ve tried many calming treats, and these were the only ones that actually helped Tucker.  They took the edge off enough for him to be happier, listen better, relax when alone, and play nice with his brother Toby.

Tucker’s & Toby’s Dad

These treats really seem to calm him down a bit, I’m not sure if it’s all the high-quality ingredients or just him going crazy over the taste. 

Ollie’s Mom

Put your paws in the air if you care